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New Year Best Wishes

As we brave our way into 2024, lacrosse season is once again upon us. The college teams are all starting practice, many of the warmer weather states start high school practices with scrimmages and games to kickoff in February. We wanted to take a moment to wish everyone the best of luck in their seasons for success, growth, fun and joy playing the medicine game.

We know Spring is lacrosse season(yes SPRING, anyone who thinks Summer is lacrosse season spent too much time at tournaments), and we aren't quite to spring yet, but this is when the hard work is done. We'll see the results in April and May, but January and February is when no one is watching, the sweat equity is put in and the process begins in earnest. So enjoy the journey, the newness of it all, everyone's season record is 0-0 and unlimited potential lies ahead for every team.

This includes parents...shameless plug for our class. Before the ball is rolled out, if you are a parent, you won't regret taking the class to be the best parent you can be. If you are a coach or program leader, you will reap the benefits as our course will eliminate one of your biggest headaches, by level setting expectations early in the year. We are here to help put the focus of the season on the kids having fun, playing the greatest game in the world!


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