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Our Story

Funny thing happened on the way home from the hospital...I realized I was a parent! All of the sudden where I had only scoffed at the obnoxious parents on the sidelines from the bench my whole career, I suddenly had to consider I could be one of those parents. Easily! I mean how is my kid going to play for a coach in 3rd grade that is simply here because no one else wants to heard cats and maybe teach a lacrosse skill? I may coach him one day, but as his dad, I want him to predominantly have coaches that aren't me, to hear advice, praise and criticism from someone that isn't his old man. But that means I have to take a step back, and accept not being in control of the lacrosse team I will be more invested in, than any ever. I'll have to sit back and let another coach say the wrong things or not jump in if I disagree with their system, style or strategy.

It was like a thunderbolt hit me, suddenly I'm on the other side and there's a percentage of people over on that side that are utterly unbearable to be around. I have always suspected I would be one of those parents, that I see standing away from all of the other parents simply to avoid the gossip, complaining, screaming at their kid or the coaches or the refs. But now as this reality comes at me, I feel like there has to be an alternative to my self imposed isolation. For however many years my son gives me the opportunity to enjoy watching him play, I decided I should try to help as many parents like me. So then, how can we bring awareness to the fact that these are just kids, having fun with their friends? I dream of seeing him and his friends playing the medicine game for pure joy in a way I have. This blog and related certification course, are my small part to improve our sport, and maybe, just maybe save me from isolation.


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