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My name is Kevin, a lacrosse player, coach and dad(fairly accomplished at the first two, not sure I'll ever figure out that last one). Been coaching and playing so long I've seen the game change 10x over, the kids and parents have changed, travel team culture and specialization have taken over. Today, sitting on a sideline as a fan, uncle or parent is one of the most cringeworthy places this side of the internet. So we had a solution, an online class to help lacrosse parents better navigate the sidelines, keep em positive and put the focus back on our kids having fun. Little did I know it would fill quite a void in our sport bringing to us some exceptionally experienced parents and coaches to deliver a valuable tool. This blog is a place to share thoughts around the journey, our progress and hear some of the war stories along the way. It's gonna take baby steps and the entire village. But the game needs it, our kids want it. Thanks for your interest and stopping by. 

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